Cycle 2 – Activity 5 – Interactivity and Choice

We first had to identify 5 challenges within our game, based upon the one goal. This process is shown below.

Goal: Travel across the city while avoiding obstacles in order to rescue survivors.

Challenge 1 – Surviving: Using the movement mechanic and controls to stay alive

Challenge 2 – High Score: Using the mechanics to get a high score

Challenge 3 – Get More Time: Using the mechanics to get more time

Challenge 4 – Movement: Using the movement mechanic and controls to move the player object

Challenge 5 – Collect Survivors: Using the mechanics and controls to rescue survivors



The aforementioned challenges have been further outlined in the following Challenge-Choice-Interface-Actions-Rules-Feedback flowcharts.



Vincent Bornaghi – N9463020


Cycle 2 – Activity 4 – Objects and Rules

At this point in the development process, as a team we shared a vision of our game in terms of aesthetic, gameplay mechanics and overall theme.  Below I have included our table of objects and rules, which defines the different objects in the game that can interact with the player in some way.  This has particularly helped us in envisaging the challenges and the flow of the game.

Screenshot object table