Cycle 3 – Activity 1 – PX Goals

Before developing the PX Goals for our final game, a side scroller, we looked into some examples of side scrolling games that have been made throughout the years. The subsequent PX Goals we decided were the most obvious for each game can be found below.

This War of Mine

  • Sadness
  • Visual Processing
  • Experimenting
  • Questioning


  • Social Perspectives
  • Balance
  • Experimenting
  • Analysing

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

  • Visual Processing
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Remembering

These three games are each very different; This War of ¬†Mine is very much a game built around a theme of sadness and desperation, forcing players to anticipate and experiment for the best outcome. Sheltered is a more linear survival game with social aspects throw in and a lot of resource micro-management. Valiant Hearts takes yet another perspective and hits right at the player’s emotions through strong visuals and deep story.

Now based upon our target audience, ‘Bob’, who likes many RTS and action packed games, and our overarching theme of ‘Betrayal & Revenge’, we decided upon the following shortlist of PX Goals;

Analysing, Stamina, Experimenting, Remembering, Visual Processing

Based on this shortlist we further developed two basic game ideas (these will be posted in Studio Work) from our earlier brainstorming.

Stolen Artefact

A close friend steals a powerful artefact in your possession after being entrusted with its secret. This ‘friend’ gives the object to your enemy, meaning you must recover it and exact revenge.

Space Escape

Your ship is blowing up and your crew member betrays you by deploying the last escape pods before you can board them. Escape the wrecking ship and find your former crew member.

After deciding that we wanted to progress further into developing the ‘stolen artefact’ idea, we further narrowed down our shortlist of PX goals to be the following;




We want the players to analyse the game world for different ways to progress and be rewarded as well as experiment with the world and the objects in it. In the same respect we want players to remember game mechanics and game world elements, perhaps in the form of puzzles where it is key to remember what one did in order to progress if you have died and need to redo it. The game will be going at a slower pace than our previous two games, thus allowing us to really focus on these goals and providing the richest experience for the player in these respects.

These PX Goals focus on the Cognitive aspects of the player experience, thus challenging the players to learn as they progress, be able to analyse the environment and make appropriate decisions.