Cycle 2 – Activity 1 – PX Goals

Initial thoughts on what the player should experience while playing this game were taken from an overall perspective of some player experiences.  Coming across these it was decided that some suitable PX Goals were as follows:

  1. Anticipation
  2. Speed
  3. Coordination
  4. Analysing

From these PX Goals, and a range of game ideas discussed earlier, two ideas stood out to be most fitting for this task, these were:

  1. ‘Emergency Taxi’

A fast paced driving game where players will drive around a route (city) and have to pick up passengers 

2. ‘Detectives of Acacia Ridge’

A horror exploration game where players will explore the dark area of Accacia Ridge to search for the criminal before their flashlight dies

With these game ideas and PX goals in mind, we decided that we wanted the players to analyse the game environment quickly in order to coordinate their actions within the world.  This was because we thought a game which will challenge the player to analyse a situation under pressure and make analytical decisions would edge the player to keep on playing and create an tense yet enticing environment.

The areas which the game will be focusing on are the; creative, emotional, and physical aspects of play.

These natures of play are of great important to these style of game ideas as they both ideologically work well with thrill and exhilaration of making high pressure decisions quickly.