Cycle 1 – Dylan Van Beek – Prototype

IGB100 Prototype SHMUP

Play as a submarine traversing the ocean floor, using WASD to control and “SPACE” to shoot.  Survive for as long as you can to get a high score.


Cycle 1 – Dylan Van Beek – Contributions

Skybox Images

Submarine (Player) ModelUnity Asset Store ()

Fish (enemy) ModelUnity Asset Store ()

Supplied Code IGB100W2BASE



Cycle 1 – Vincent Bornaghi – Game Prototype Submission

SHMUP Prototype Download Link:

v0.91 Completed Build Prototype Submission for IGB100

Instructions are included in the Launch Menu but can be found below as well.

I hope you enjoy!


  • Movement
    • W A S D
  • Shoot
  • Pause
    • Escape
      • Resume to resume game
      • Restart to restart game
      • Quit to exit application
      • Credits to view contributions


  • Health Bar
    • Health starts and has a maximum of 100
    • The bar will update immediately if damage is taken or a health boost is picked up
  • Score
    • Score will update with every enemy destroyed
  • High Score
    • Functions like the score, save system not implemented as of v0.91

Game World

  • Enemies
    • Deal damage to player on contact then self-destruct
    • Must be killed using player projectiles
  • Health Boosts
    • Player needs only come in contact for the health boost to be applied

SHMUP Build Files will be accessible here if needed. All contents are property of Vincent Bornaghi unless stated otherwise. Prototype provided was working at time of testing so these files should not be neccessary.

Vincent Bornaghi – N9463020

Cycle 1 – Joseph Koppe – Contribution Post

From the Unity Asset Store:

  • Simple Tzar Bomb, by Victor 3D –!/content/831
  • Micro Sub, by False Wisp Studios –!/content/77672
  • 3 Skyboxes 2, by Bright Shining Star –!/content/25582
  • Simple Physical Shader, by Ryan Gatts –!/content/22143

All other content was created by me with the assistance of the Blackboard mini-game 1 learning resources.

Cycle 1 – Vincent Bornaghi – Contribution Post

3D Models



All other assets were my own creation and all code written by myself too. Code was written with the aid of the IGB100 prac tutorials and much trial and error.

C# debugging aid was provided by users ShadyProductions and cesarnascimento on the Unity Answers forum.

Feedback was provided by Dylan van Beek and Joseph Koppe.

Thanks to any others not mentioned who provided the support needed for me to complete this game.

Vincent Bornaghi – N9463020