Initial PX Goal Development

Initial development. *TBC*



Initial Studio Work

To gather game ideas, I went to Brisbane Times, and based off selected news articles a small scenario was created that could involve some game play.

10 news articles and game play experience:

  1. Missing woman

Detectives of Acacia Ridge must search in the dark for the missing person before their flashlight runs out of battery

  1. Searching for Big Foot

Player must try to collect all the big Foot clues to find bigfoot in a maze

  1. Russian Hacker


  1. Parking

Player must park in the designated spots.  Better parking will award more points

  1. Decorating the area

Players must organise furniture in the house by moving stuff around and placing it in a more colourful order

  1. Baby’s motor skills

You are a baby controlling a RC vehicle around the house

  1. Escape the city

Run out of the city avoiding obstacles as fast as you can

  1. Cyclone rescue

Drive collect passengers dropping them off at the safe bay while the hectic cyclone is around


These ideas were then presented to peers which enabled us to select some game ideas from this.  The ideas that most people liked were the detectives from acacia ridge and the cyclone crazy taxi style game.  Therefore, these game ideas were explored in some more concept

2 game ideas and sketches maybe:


Next, we discussed good ideas and games which we could take inspiration from. Below is a summary of these findings.


This game captures the hectic nature of driving through a messy terrain.  Using programmer art style, it manages to still demonstrate how things can be chaotic in the first-person space.  We can use principles from this game to create a chaotic nature.