Cycle 3 – Reflection – Joseph Koppe

On reflection I felt my skills matched the task of creating this game much better than the previous week.  I felt as though as the game designer I was given the opportunity to focus more on level design and game look and feel rather than coding.  As a developer I do need to work on my coding skills, as this has been my greatest hindrance throughout the course of the semester.  I’d also like to try in future to make my own textures to use within a game, as I feel it is something I would enjoy as well as being conducive to the game design component of my degree.

Communication within my team I felt had its ups and downs.  Sometimes I have difficulty understanding why people choose certain methods when we were prototyping our game, and this caused me to either recede in my opinion or speak louder.  I wish to take it upon myself to be open-minded about different ways and perspectives for doing things.  I feel as though as a team we get along really well inside and outside of the project, and for the most part we constructed this final product efficiently and cohesively.

I feel as though my work habits got progressively better during the semester, and I’m unsure if this will be reflected in my results, but I feel as though I understand the workload of building a game a lot better because of it.  I had originally put myself under more pressure to complete the games by leaving them a little too late.  In a sense I was still behind schedule, but I gave myself a much better timeframe in the latter projects.  I realised early on in the semester that the break in between 2016 and 2017 for university was too large and that it affected my productivity when I returned to it.  So in future I will find a means to be productive in between that break so that I can maintain a solid work ethic.  I think by the end of this semester though, I had gotten to the point where I could be very productive at will.

This game of the ones I have made I am most proud of, and I genuinely believe that it is worth playing insofar as receiving entertainment from it.  I would like to think that whoever would play my game, and understand my fledgling experience in making games, and the time frame and constraints we had – would be relatively impressed with it.  But perhaps I am saying this because I feel this way, and I certainly had fun playing it myself.


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