Cycle 3 – Activity 3 – Gameplay and Player Stories

During week 2 of cycle 3, you (yes you!) the tutor gave us the task of writing down the experiences of the player, based off of our player experience goals.  We wanted our player to be in a game world of adventure and danger, with the right blend of exploration, platforming and combat challenges.

Player Concept Statement:

The goal of each level is to find a key, which unlocks the door to the next level.  The overall goal of the game is to complete the four levels in order to take back your staff which was stolen. The player must navigate and explore a European castle setting, and the player must navigate the levels by defeating enemies with their sword and completing the platforming challenges. There are traps, dangerous creatures and platforming obstacles in the player’s path. 

We then wrote down the player experiences as stories, to try and capture some of the specific moments the player would encounter during the game.  We felt it was important to reinforce the driving factor of recovering a very important item that was stolen from you within these stories.  Who doesn’t love some revenge…

Player Stories:

  1. “As a peasant, I want my treasure to be returned to me so I can once again own my artefact.”
  2. “As an owner of an artefact, I want my boots to support my jumping so I can jump over obstacles and traverse the world.”
  3. “As a civilian of the village, I want to use my sword to defeat enemies and progress through the world.”
  4. “As a player I wish to explore the game world to find fragments to open the door to the next level.”
  5. “As a knight I will use my sword to assist me in finding the person who stole my artefact so I can recover it.”
  6. “As a player I want my evil mate to die so I can recover my artefact.”
  7. “As a player I will gather fragments so I can travel the world to find my staff.”
  8. “As a sorcerer, I will find my staff by tracking down the thief.”
  9. “As a prince, I will recover health packs so that I can survive through the worlds.”
  10. “As a player, I want to cut down any obstacle to find my lost items.”

From the player stories we then broke down how the player would be motivated from these experiences, by analyzing our target audience of Bob, and reaffirming why we think he would love this game based on its challenges.

We believe Bob plays games for a sense of exhilaration and escapism, and in player story 5, the player is depicted as a Knight who must cut down enemies and recover precious artefacts and in this way will appeal to his desire for adventure and escapism.  This will tap into the motivational factors of speed and surprise, which Bob should enjoy based off of his love of Warcraft and StarCraft.

Bob also typically plays games that require a high level of mastery to succeed in the game.  In this way, Player story 2 identifies that the player will need to overcome platforming challenges to traverse the world, which will appeal to bob’s sense of mastery.  This will convey the player experience goals of agility and reflexes, which bob will love because he currently plays FIFA.

Bob would also look for Collecting and gathering resources.  In player story 7, the player is tasked to track down key fragments so that they can progress through the game world. which should appeal to Bob’s sense of resource management.  This will emphasize the player experience goals of interpreting and analyzing, which Bob should appreciate because of his Doom and StarCraft.


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