Cycle 2 – Dylan Van Beek – Reflection

Through the process of this task my pre-existing knowledge of how unity works came into use when creating the Gameworld and the scripts to run actions within the world.  Most of the simpler tasks such as movement, importing assets and terrain construction had been done before, and hence could be completed without much assistance from Google or other means.  However, a lot of the scripting for the pickup and particle as well as instantiating objects was relatively new and difficult, but after researching on google was found to be quite interesting.  Other elements such as adding textures and standard assets were simple enough to complete and didn’t take much time after watching tutorials.  Furthermore, the biggest challenge in this task was trying to get timers to work, as “time.DeltaTime” is a function which I was not used to and took me a while to grasp.  Overall this mini game development was very useful in filling gaps in my knowledge in unity and proved to be quite fun.

Throughout the team exercises more information on the background of team members were discovered, although I believe it wasn’t capitalised on as much as it could have been.  For example, Vincent can animate/model but this wasn’t used to its full advantage in our project.  Although, the final product is believed work without this extra help, however, for the final development this might be considered a bit more.  As team members were cooperative and willing to change/adapt and converge/diverge ideas as they came from other members, teamwork was fluid and flowed smoothly, without any need for interventions or team management strategies.  Collaborative work was mostly completed in workshops, and the establishment of communication allowed for outer and further teamwork.  It is believed all members performed their tasks, and we mingled quite well.  All feedback from every member was considered, and responses to feedback if it didn’t work was explained so that all members were on board with what was happening.

As I am interested in game design, I found it very easy to stay motivated to complete tasks and prototypes.  In team scenarios, individual work was found to be balanced evenly between members and mostly completed in workshops, with some small completion work being done in my spare time.  In the individual work, I was happy with the gaps that I learnt from in this area of unity and I believe it will help greatly in the future as I now feel much more comfortable with the engine.

This game is designed to be fun and exhilarating, playing on the chaotic nature of a storm to rescue and race around a torn apart city to collect and save people and bring them to a safe zone.  Henceforth the main quality of life that it may bring is enjoyment and time well spent playing this game.


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