Cycle 2 – Joseph Koppe – Playtest Report

The playtest plan was formulated so that the 3 factors of entertainment, challenge and intensity were queried by the playtesters. As a preface to the comments, ratings and suggestions below, the state of my game was playable, but lacking a success/failure condition in the way of a score or time limit.  The core mechanics of how the game and looks and feels are there. Below is the recorded ratings and comments of each of these factors, as well as suggestions for where the game could develop further.

Vincent Bornaghi:

  • “The entertainment value of the game is there, and has a crude sense of charm to it that made it enjoyable” 8/10
  • “The challenge level is currently missing as the game doesn’t have a set objective yet.  I am told that it will be a high score system with an allotted time. Navigation of the world is easy.” 2/10
  • “The pacing of the game is a little but off, the world feels fractionally too big to navigate, and for that reason it is difficult to see where you need to go.  I can’t comment on intensity because of the lack of game rules.” 6/10
  • “My final recommendation is in addition to adding game rules, make the world smaller or the player faster, introduce boundaries, make the car sounds a little more smooth, maybe even add music.” 

Dylan Van Beek:

  • “The game is very enjoyable, the controls and movement feel good and the world nice to explore and look at.” 9/10
  • “As Vincent mentioned, the challenge level is un-testable at this point as game rules and parameters have not been set.  There are no unintentional challenges in control and design that hold this game back though.” 5/10
  • “The pacing and intensity of the game is consistent.  I’m visualising the high score time attack mechanic and it sounds as if pressure and speed will increase as the game goes on.” 6/10
  • “My final recommendation aside from what Vincent mentioned is consider making the player move more quickly – I think the world is too big/hidden to efficiently find passengers to pick up.”

Taking there feedback I decided to make a plan for further improvement from the game.

Additional Features:

  • Aside from the features I had told them I was putting in, I agreed with Dylan’s idea of making the car faster.
  • Making the car sounds more pleasant and realistic (they are currently both irritating, but humorous?)
  • Making a visual boundary is something I will hopefully be able to implement when I get time – but I feel as though the world is layed out so that the player has no reason to drive off of the edge (perhaps only to satiate curiosity).

Planned Features:

  • Create a score system
  • Create a time limit
  • Create spawning pedestrians
  • Create a destination to take the passengers

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