Cycle 2 – Joseph Koppe – Reflection

While reflecting about my experiences while I was creating the second game, I felt more comfortable within this task.  I felt as though I enjoyed this task thoroughly compared to mini-game one, and for that reason I feel my skills within unity have improved significantly.  I feel as though I still have a significant limitation in programming for video games, but I genuinely get a lift out of modelling objects and landscape.  This task really helped put things into perspective with my degree, as I was discouraged in creating games from mini-game 1 – so much so that I considered seeking counselling and switching degrees.  I still have more internal questions regarding how games are made, such as creating a texture and the hidden layers within unity.  And I believe that I will have more learning obstacles and mistakes that will let me understand and grow in my ability to make a game.

I learnt about some of the applications of the other majors in the degree – particularly regarding how modelling through blender actually comes into fruition with the unity engine.  Coincidentally I am taking an animation subject simultaneously; which has allowed me to put a bit of effort into modelling some objects within my game.  I haven’t learnt enough about programming to be confident in writing my own scripts with ease, and I generally seek advice from my teammates and online whenever I can.   I think although my teammates and I have completed a lot of the same subjects, our interests in particular areas are spurring the development process by using each other’s skills.

In my individual work I created a model for the buildings that populated my game world.  It was very satisfying to see something you had sculpted in a different piece of software and place it into unity and use it as an asset.  The entire process of creating and designing a game world was incredibly enjoyable and something that I will look forward to in the future.  I felt as though this helped me put my original plans and beliefs with my university degree into perspective, and proved amongst other things that my intuition about what work I enjoy is correct.

During this task we were asked to choose a news article as inspiration for our game.  I think while there are ethical issues regarding creating content that is based on recent events, our game is fine because it isn’t trying to emulate that specific moment in time – the subject matter was taken, obscured and gamified enough to the extent that we don’t attribute it to the original topic, let alone people that it would potentially offend.  But for the most part I think making light of a recent tragedy must be done very tactfully, and it shouldn’t offend the majority of the people who play it.


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