Cycle 1 – Joseph Koppe – Playtest Report

Our group was assigned the task of having a play testing session, where we would each play each other’s games and give any feedback on where the game could be improved.  After Dylan and Vincent had both played my game I gave them some time to think about what they liked, and what they thought could be improved:

  • “It Needs a High Score System”
  • “Gameplay is good – fun”
  • “Implementing a Powerup”
  • “Need to Adjust Theme of the game”
  • “Implementing a menu”
  • “The PX goals are more or less there”
  • “Enemies and player are well designed”
  • “Good visuals overall”


In the context of the session goals, I felt confident that the level of enjoyment to be had in the game was there, in addition to the player experience goals.  What I need to work on from the session goals is to adapt it into an underwater theme – something I had tried to do initially but had difficulty in correctly using the assets.

From my group’s feedback I intend to alter the theme of my game; as well as look into a high score system, as we had originally planned the obtainment of a high score to be the core challenge within the game.


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