Cycle 1 – Vincent Bornaghi – Reflection

Professional Development and Practice

This assessment was the first time I’ve ever dabbled into the world of Game Design. I came into this unit with absolutely no C# knowledge and no Unity knowledge so this has been an interesting task. However, I found Unity really simple to use and being a fast learner I adapted quite quickly. I made a few test games and found the IGB100 Practicals really useful especially from an ‘I know nothing’ point of view. Learning C# was fairly confusing at first, there are still some aspects I don’t understand. The ‘NullReferenceException’ error has been the bane of my existence for the past month. I still don’t know how to resolve that one!

On the other hand, I have about 7 years of graphic design and modelling knowledge and I have an animation unit to undertake this semester that utilises Blender. So, I took this game as an opportunity to practice using Blender and make my own 3D assets, being a bit ambitious however I found that I was spending more time making models than I was making the game so I had to realign my focus. Making sprites for the UI was also a simple process, I was able to throw together a simple but clean design in no time.

I’d love to learn some more C#, especially the grey areas that I don’t quite understand yet. There were a number of things I would’ve liked to implement into my game, the main one being a High Score system that saves the current score upon death, but I was unable to do because I just didn’t possess the knowledge to. I really enjoyed making this game and I think I’m going to continue to develop it in future, as I think it would be a good platform to continue learning.

Working in a Team

As team, we worked really well. Dylan, Joseph and I struggled a bit with how the IGB100 group system works at the start of the cycle but the tutors soon managed to clarify things a bit for us. Once we knew what we wanted to do we quickly fleshed out the core concepts we wanted for our games. While we initially started without Dylan, we still worked well together and got along quite well too. I look forward to working with them again for the next two cycles.

Working Independently

I’ve always worked better alone and this assessment was no different. I tend to dread any sort of group work but working together to develop key concepts and then working on them by myself and being able to develop my own vision for those concepts was really rewarding. Learning Unity and C# from zero has also been a great experience, I’ve discovered a really helpful community and a hobby I never thought I’d like. Always had a distaste for programming!

Ethical Considerations

There were no major ethical issues to consider when developing this game. Possible epilepsy triggers may be an issue but I don’t think anything in my game is really crazy enough to be a trigger. The game is otherwise just a bit of fun that anyone could pick up for a few minutes and enjoy.

Vincent Bornaghi – N9463020


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