Cycle 1 – Dylan Van Beek– Reflection

During the process of this task, there were many skills which had to be learnt in order to get the desired outcome.  This mainly consisted of some coding aspects which were necessary in order to make the game run as anticipated.  However, I did already have knowledge in the coding language, as well as some experience in unity, so additional skills were relatively easy to learn.  This knowledge was vastly obtained by online searches and tutorials. In terms of game design, with the combination of team mates and my knowledge, as well as the learning objectives taught in the workshops and tutorials it is believed that this style of game is effective for the task.  Lots of questions were raised in the development process, however, it is believed that most of them are answered with the design of this game. Overall, the activity provided an adequate challenge and felt rewarding when completed, hence confirming my enjoyment for game design.

As team members were cooperative and willing to change/adapt and converge/diverge ideas as they came from other members, teamwork was fluid and flowed smoothly.  Collaborative work was mostly completed in workshops, and the establishment of communication allowed for outer and further collaboration.  It is believed all members performed their tasks, and we mingled quite well.  All feedback from every member was considered, and responses to feedback if it didn’t work was explained so that all members were on board with what was happening.

As I am interested in game design, I found it very easy to stay motivated to complete tasks and prototypes.  In team scenarios, individual work was found to be balanced evenly between members and mostly completed in workshops, with some small completion work being done in my spare time.  The main challenges in this aspect was trying to organise WordPress as well as some coding aspects of unity.  In the face of these challenges, the main resolution was to turn to an online source of information to be able to figure out these problems.  This proved to be a reliable source of information and helped me through this.

As this style of game does not have much of a narrative aspect to it, the personal impacts this game may have on players isn’t as large as one with a heavily focused story.  However, if the game was to be continued further, there would be a small introductory scene that lets the players know why they are destroying fish, or, if that causes too much controversy, change the fish models to perhaps a pile of garbage for a more environmental message.


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