Cycle 1 – Joseph Koppe – Reflection

Professional Development and Practice:

Coming into this subject and during the development of mini-game 1, I had no experience with both unity and the C Sharp programming language.  This was a limitation to my ability to work efficiently, as well as achieving the goals I had set for myself at the inception of this project.  Looking back on this, I think it will benefit me in future game projects to be more diligent in taking small gradual steps towards the end goal, as for this project I gave myself a lot of work in the final week.

Further Skill Development:

I felt as though I made significant progress during the semester of understanding the content I was asked to work with, however If I want to excel in future with these projects, I feel as though I need a stronger knowledge of programming; to be able to tweak my games as I like them.  I feel as though my understanding of Unity is adequate enough, and learning as I go should be fine.  Programming is something I have yet to find confidence with, and this will be a challenge I will have to eventually conquer.

Working as a team:

I felt the blend of personalities between myself and my teammates was very positive, and that we had good rapport.  I enjoyed working with them, and although we did have a couple of moments of doubt about where to proceed in activities, I felt as though we were quite productive overall.  In retrospect I maybe could have benefitted from their knowledge of programming, which to their credit they did offer me help on several occasions.  I think because of my lack of confidence in programming, I was a little nervous to ask questions – something to put aside in future.

Working Independently:

I’ve felt for a while now that I have a substantially greater amount of motivation to work in groups, and I’ve felt that individual work does not suit me as well.  I genuinely thrive off of being around other people and communicating thoughts and ideas in a setting, as opposed to locking myself down to a computer for a few hours.  I feel as though this subject is putting a new perspective on what I want out of my degree and university education, as I am evaluating what type of work I enjoy closely.

Ethical Considerations:

I genuinely don’t think the final product of my game will affect a broad audience of people – It is enjoyable, but rather I feel as though it represents a small milestone of the knowledge I have gained to me and perhaps my family and friends.  I feel as though while my project isn’t exciting and was hampered by my lack of knowledge, it proves amongst other things that the skills this subject are trying to teach are validated by what we as students have produced.


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