Cycle 1 – Activity 5 – Game Look and Feel

Mood Board

Task 1: Mood Board


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Inspirations: Rayman Legends, New Super Mario Bros. U

Task 2: Game Look and Feel: Details 

Spatial Dimensions: The player is bound to a screen in a 2d world.  There is a confinement of space that poses a limitation and challenge to the player.  Accuracy of scale is unimportant, however the scale is relevant to gameplay balance.  The boundary is not visible, but the player cannot go off screen.

Style and Mood: See mood board. A dark and hostile underwater environment that is alleviated with colourful, animated enemies and characters.  Explosions are inset to give an exuberant notification of an enemies’ death.

Period – Location: The timeline is approximate to the modern day.  Within a 50 year time frame of the present.

Denizens: Underwater Creatures and Submarines.

Audio: The audio will set an eerie mood to compliment a vast and hostile ocean.  There will be notification of success when destroying an enemy with an explosion noise.


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